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Mental health is somewhat neglected part of our everyday lives. Many people feel shame or fear when talking about their depression, anxiety or another type of mental health disorder. There is an increased number of people dealing with some sort of mental health disorder and drug or alcohol use problems. Even though the reasons for this common comorbidity are in most cases unknown, the need for taking measures is greater than ever. Many people don’t know they have a dual diagnosis problem (mental health condition and addiction/substance abuse at the same time) and don’t reach out for help immediately. Or they have but at the wrong place. Our facilities offer the best care you could possibly find out there and mental health needs to be diagnosed and treated early.

Dual Diagnosis – The Connection Between Addiction and Depression

This is the second article in our series on Dual Diagnosis. 
Sarah is a thirty-five year old mother of two. She works as a nurse at the local hospital. Her husband,Mark is a teacher. Sarah and Mark always support and care […]

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dual diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis – The Connection Between Addiction and Mental Illness

This is the first article in our series on Dual Diagnosis. 
Referred to as dual diagnosis (or co-occurring disorders), the combination of addiction and mental illnesses is one of the most commonly occuring conditions. Under the term of dual diagnosis are […]

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The Connection between Anxiety and Addiction

Almost every individual, at some point in their life, has experienced anxiety. That feeling of worry when facing a problem at work, before taking an exam, or making an important life decision. These constant feelings of worry, fear, and nervousness […]

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