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How to Choose the Right Addiction Treatment Center – Part 1

right addiction treatment center

If you made it to the step of choosing an addiction treatment center, congratulations. That means you are a determined and willful individual that accepts the condition of dependency and the need for help. Or, you are a concerned parent or a family member looking for the best approach to help an addicted loved one.

At this point, you might question what exactly is ‘the best’ approach? More importantly, is there one? It’s good to remember that there is no universal approach when choosing a rehab center. Every person is different, and every addict has their own story. However, there are some scientifically proven facts and methods that classify one addiction treatment center as more beneficial than another.

1. Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab?

A major decision. Which approach should you consider? 
addiction treatment center inpatient

The main difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment program is the way of receiving the therapy. Inpatient treatment is recommended for heavier cases of addiction and is more intense. The addict is not able to leave the center, go to work, or have contact with the prohibited substances.

On the contrary, outpatient addiction treatment gives the addict an opportunity to continue in their present environment and workplace. An active presence can have a positive impact on recovery because the addict is not cut-off from daily activities. However, this approach increases the chances of relapse since the addict can easily access substances.

Usually, the treatment center’s expert staff evaluates the addict and gives their recommendation whether or not the patient should stay in the center. When choosing a rehab, inform yourself about the approach that the treatment center has. If they haven’t established one, chose another treatment facility with experts that will advise you on the most suitable approach.

2. Choose a Facility that Addresses the Underlying Issue

If they don’t start with the base, the trigger, the cause, and continue building on a rebuilt foundation, what is the point of getting treatment? Many treatment programs implement old methods and programs. The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t address the core, underlying issue of addiction.

Some of the reasons people become addicted include childhood abuse, family problems, but also depression, or pain. When the center proceeds with therapy, the staff should dig deep into the initial reason that lead to the person’s addiction. Sometimes, addicts aren’t aware of the profound issues that trigger their addiction.

addiction treatment center underlying issues

If the treatment approach doesn’t look into the cause of addiction, then that addiction facility is not the right choice for you. Research shows there are better approaches towards recovery. If a treatment only focuses on addiction without considering other things, then you should avoid that addiction treatment center.

Moreover, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “To be effective, treatment must address the individual’s drug abuse and any associated medical, psychological, social, vocational, and legal problems. It is also important that treatment be appropriate to the individual’s age, gender, ethnicity, and culture.”

3. Evidence-Based Program

If a rehab offers an evidence-based program, that means that the facility makes the effort to incorporate methods for curing an addiction, which has proven to be the most effective approach. The treatment center’s staff should also be familiar with the best approaches and methods for treatment, and use them when treating a drug or alcohol addict.

Additionally, never go to a rehab that uses a treatment approach which has not been proven effective.  Ideally, the addiction center has an established approach and proven success rates for various types of patients.

4. Addiction Treatment Center and Medical Detox

Most people looking for a rehab substitute medical detoxification for an actual rehab center. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Detoxification, the process by which the body clears itself of drugs, aims to manage the acute and potentially dangerous physiological effects of stopping drug use. ”

Therefore, “detoxification alone does not address the psychological, social, and behavioral problems associated with addiction and does not typically produce lasting behavioral changes necessary for recovery. A formal assessment and referral to drug addiction treatment should follow Detoxification.”

addiction treatment center questions

Since every person is different, “a medical detox should follow a proven detox protocol.” When looking for a facility, ask the right questions regarding the necessity of medical detox. For example:

1. Do I need detox?

2. If I do need it, why? What are the benefits of the detox?

3. Is it necessary to do it?

4. Also, ask for an explanation of the whole procedure. Including side effects, time, and process.

Asking questions is the right approach towards finding the best addiction treatment center. Don’t hold back. The more you know, the more likely you’ll succeed.

For more information please call this Toll Free 24/7 Addiction Treatment Helpline at (844) 439-4765. This is a completely confidential call. If you have health insurance it may cover up to 100% of the treatment cost. So please call now!

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