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10 Signs You Need Drug Rehab

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Admitting that you are dealing with drug addiction is hard. Especially when you are the only person left to see the seriousness of the situation and finally accept that has a problem. Regardless of the severeness of your addiction, getting professional help – doesn’t mean that you have to go to inpatient rehab – would be welcomed. Even if that means staying at a sober house, outpatient treatment, family counseling or participating in something similar.


The first step towards recovery is to stop being in denial. The moment you acknowledge drugs are taking or have taken over your life, especially after trying to recover countless of times unsuccessfully – by yourself – you will be ready to make a step further, which is to consider drug rehab. There are some worrying signs that you have crossed the red line and it might be time to seek serious professional help.

1. Drugs are the only thing on your mind

Hitting rock bottom is the most severe sign you need drug rehab. However, you don’t have to get to that stage to seek help. Regardless of how deep you are involved in drugs, even at an early stage, you might need treatment. Therefore, if drugs are the only thing on your mind, the only thing you care about, and you have cravings 24/7, you might need drug rehab. Constant cravings that get back shortly after you take, are one of the signs, among the others, that you have a drug addiction and should seek help.

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2. You have tried every option except drug rehab

There are people that have tried every treatment option, including an outpatient program or self-detox, a lot of times, but have failed to stay clean. There are also people that have been to rehab more than five times and it hasn’t helped them stay clean. However, you can never know what can happen into rehab and since it is the only option you haven’t tried, it can be a success.

3. You’ve lost control over the amount of drug you are using

Another red flag that you are deeply involved in drugs is that you always need more and more. Remember, this pattern will never end. You are just sinking deeper into your addiction. Get help! It is not going to stop by itself and you have no control over the amount of drugs you use daily. It will destroy your body, your brain, and your health. If you wake up every day to unfamiliar faces and you have no idea how you got there, it might be time for you to isolate yourself in a rehab center.

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4. Your friends and family are deeply worried for your health

Drugs destroy and crush the person’s body. You will be the last person to notice, but after using for a while, you probably look horrible. If your friends and family expect you to fall apart every day, you look pale, skinny, exhausted, you haven’t showered, or shaved for weeks, and your overall appearance scares most of the people, it’s probably time to seek help. Also, your visits to the hospital have become more frequent and your family is alarmed that your addiction will progress even more. Another alarming sign is that you continue using despite the diagnosed medical condition.

5. You switch from easier to heavier drugs

The usual pattern that leads to developing drug tolerance is starting with easier drugs and ending with the group of most severe ones. After a while, those drugs won’t have the same effect on you. The next step can be mixing drugs to achieve a heavier effect. The next, next step, can be fatal – overdosing. A person that is tolerant to most of the drugs needs immediate help. And your recovery might require a more intensive approach, which only inpatient rehab can offer.

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6. Your family suffers economically

You steal to take drugs. You sold everything to take drugs. Not to mention that your social, professional, and family life are suffering from your drug abuse. You start to loose all connection with people you care. Or even worse, you have already lost them. But don’t feel guilty, or ashamed. It is never too late to reach for help. Today is the right time for you to contact a local professional and get advised on which treatment program would be the best for you.

7. You have tried to quit using without success

Many former drug addicts know the feeling of failing to recover by themselves. If you have been trying to stop using drugs and it was successful for a week or a month, then you should definitely consider other options. Inpatient treatment offers medically assisted detox and a variety of treatment programs for further care. It has helped many people willing to stay clean.

Drug rehab is perfect for people that are surrounded by too many triggers in their environment and those triggers stand on their way to recovery.

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8. You get into trouble easily

The examples are probably countless. You have been endangering your life by driving while you were high. There is also the possibility you have gotten into multiple care accidents. You might have lost your job as a result of your stealing. You stop counting how many times you have been arrested. It might not look as a huge deal at the time, but these signs show that you are unable to think straight and that drugs lead your life.

9. You are in denial that you need help

Being in denial can affect your chances for recovery. It is hard to approach a person that is in denial. Therefore, it is important to recognize the alarming symptoms and approach rehab on a positive, optimistic way. If you are in denial for a long time and your family is advising you to go to rehab, you should consider the option before you dive deeper into drugs.

10. You experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop using

Another severe symptom of drug abuse and addiction is experiencing withdrawal symptoms a few hours or less after you have taken your last dose. If you are experiencing symptoms such as nausea, headaches, blurred vision, shaking, vomiting, increased heart rate and more, you should consider drug rehab.

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Whether you decide for or against entering drug rehab, you should keep in mind that you need to be certain that it is what you want. It can be great to advise with an addiction counselor that will help you understand the seriousness of your situation and help you decide which approach to choose. Co-occurring mental disorders are also very common with persons fighting addiction. Therefore, when considering rehab, it is wise to choose the center that offers a dual-diagnosis treatment program.


For more information please call our Addiction Treatment Helpline at (844) 439-4765. This is a Free and completely confidential call. We are available 24/7. In many cases, your health insurance company will cover 100% of the treatment cost. So please call now.

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