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cocaine addiction

Understanding Cocaine Addiction – Signs, Side-Effects, and Treatment

White, Snow, Coke, Flake, Blow, Big C… a short list of cocaine’s street names. The ‘celebrity drug’ has been taking thousands of lives annually, endangering hundreds of thousands of others who get addicted at the first hit. The ‘recreational use’ of […]

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Gender-Specific vs Co-Ed Rehabs and Treatment

One of the first decisions patients need to deal with is whether a gender-specific or co-ed environment would be the most effective. But which one is better?
Treatment for drug addiction, co-occurring disorders, or dual-diagnosis is a complex and difficult process for […]

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inpatient rehab

Inpatient Rehab vs Outpatient Rehab – How to Choose?

Among the other important things that influence your decision when entering rehab are the seriousness of your abuse or addiction and the type of treatment you should choose. If you struggle with addiction of any type, whether it’s alcohol, drug or […]

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Gender and Addiction

Addiction can occur due to a variety of factors, including environment and family history. However, studies show that gender also plays a vital role in its development. Although addiction is devastating and life-threatening to both sexes, research shows that men […]

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