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dual diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis – The Connection Between Addiction and Mental Illness

This is the first article in our series on Dual Diagnosis. 
Referred to as dual diagnosis (or co-occurring disorders), the combination of addiction and mental illnesses is one of the most commonly occuring conditions. Under the term of dual diagnosis are […]

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Eating Disorders: Types, Symptoms, Signs & Causes

Eating disorders are serious and life-threatening illnesses that include extreme emotions and behaviors regarding food issues and weight. These diseases are characterized by overeating or not consuming enough food in order to stay healthy. General statistics show that at least […]

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rehab treatment

8 Tips to Help you Get Through Rehab Treatment

For some, going to rehab is a waste of time (and money), a dreadful experience that doesn’t affect their recovery in any way. For others, the right rehab treatment will save their life.
Choose you addiction treatment center carefully. Here are […]

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Gambling Addiction Causes, Treatment & Symptoms

Gambling is one of the most insidious human vices that presents the illusion of easy money. It can go from an entertaining hobby to an unhealthy obsession with major consequences. Whether it is roulette, poker, scratch cards or sports betting […]

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drug overdose

How to Help Someone who Overdosed On Drugs

Every year, the number of people dying from drug overdose increases, with males leading in the number of deaths. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the number of deaths from all drugs in the U.S. has increased from over 20,000 […]

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addicted person

5 Ways to Help an Addicted Person Who Doesn’t Want Help

Through the years, we’ve all met a person suffering from some sort of addiction. We have witnessed the immense power of dependency that destroys the person we know. Their body, mind, and spirit. When our loved one is struggling with […]

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marijuana addiction

The Truth About Marijuana Addiction – Is Smoking Weed Dangerous?

The marijuana debate is all the rage these days. While many people find the drug useful and believe in its healing power, other warn about the negative impact. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug, that contains the chemical compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which […]

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Designer Drugs – Signs of Abuse, Withdrawal, Treatment

Designer drugs – or research drugs and synthetic drugs – are illegal substances that are created synthetically in a lab. They chemically resemble illicit drugs and are designed by altering the properties of a drug that comes from a plant, […]

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