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Stages of Addiction Recovery – Early Treatment, Active Recovery and Maintenance

This is part II of our series on Stages of Addiction Recovery.
Changes in thoughts and behavior are the most important aspect of the first three stages of addiction recovery. They are the starting point that leads to the fourth stage, […]

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addiction recovery

Stages of Addiction Recovery – Acknowledgement, Contemplation, and Preparation

This is part I of our series on Stages of Addiction Recovery. 
Addiction recovery lasts a lifetime. There are countless guides, books, and counseling groups which offer information about inpatient or outpatient treatment of the recovering addict. These materials and programs analyze […]

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Should you Worry about Cross Addiction?

Are people who are overcoming one addiction more likely to develop another?
During the recovery process, you probably got a warning about the danger of cross addiction. The term is used to describe the risk of developing another addiction for people […]

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7 Symptoms of Final Stage Alcoholism you Need to Know

There are three stages of alcoholism: early, chronic, and final stage. A person that has reached the final stage is consumed by drinking. Quitting alcohol at that point is incredibly difficult and the person has probably been in and out […]

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end-stage alcoholic

5 Ways to Deal with an End-Stage Alcoholic in Your Family

Even though final stage alcoholism is deadly, there is still hope for those willing to quit drinking. The consequences of alcoholism fall not only on the alcoholic but on the entire family. One needs patience, self-love, kindness, dedication, and a […]

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10 Ways to Get Your Loved One to Stop Drinking – Part 2

This is Part Two of Our Series on 10 Ways to Get Your Loved One to Stop Drinking Alcohol.
4. Create a Recovery Plan Together
If you have successfully made the person see the effect of drinking on their life, and they accepted […]

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10 Ways to Get Your Loved One to Stop Drinking Alcohol – Part 1

This is Part One of our series on 10 Ways to Get Your Loved One to Stop Drinking Alcohol. 
Getting a loved one to stop drinking alcohol is not easy. People that abuse alcohol, get emotionally attached to it. And your negative […]

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life after rehab

Life After Drug Addiction – How to Get Back to Normal

The most difficult thing after recovering from a drug addiction is living with the fear of relapse. Having control over your life is ready hard enough without the burden of addiction. Unfortunately, it might get even harder as the years pass. […]

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An Overview of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most popular psychotherapy treatment (talk therapy) that uses different methods (cognitive and behavioral) to help people struggling with mental health problems, and/or alcohol and drug abuse. The goal of CBT is to identify negative behaviors […]

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behavioral health

Everything You Need to Know About Behavioral Health

If you search for the term “behavioral health” online, you’ll find several articles that explain the difference between behavioral and mental health. In the past, these two terms were used interchangeably. However, over the last few years, people started to […]

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