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Everything you need to know about alcohol abuse and alcoholism. The best tips and advice on treatment centers and addiction programs about alcohol dependence.

The Role of a Sponsor in Recovery

In AA and NA, one of the most valuable traditions is sponsorship. This notion of addicts helping addicts is what makes the aid fellowship so effective. It’s recommended that every member in AA/NA get a sponsor that will walk them […]

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end-stage alcoholic

5 Ways to Deal with an End-Stage Alcoholic in Your Family

Even though final stage alcoholism is deadly, there is still hope for those willing to quit drinking. The consequences of alcoholism fall not only on the alcoholic but on the entire family. One needs patience, self-love, kindness, dedication, and a […]

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10 Ways to Get Your Loved One to Stop Drinking – Part 2

This is Part Two of Our Series on 10 Ways to Get Your Loved One to Stop Drinking Alcohol.
4. Create a Recovery Plan Together
If you have successfully made the person see the effect of drinking on their life, and they accepted […]

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alcohol abuse

10 Ways to Get Your Loved One to Stop Drinking Alcohol – Part 1

This is Part One of our series on 10 Ways to Get Your Loved One to Stop Drinking Alcohol. 
Getting a loved one to stop drinking alcohol is not easy. People that abuse alcohol, get emotionally attached to it. And your negative […]

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alcohol withdrawal

Alcohol Withdrawal – Symptoms, Stages, Treatment and Prevention

What is Alcohol Withdrawal?
When you stop drinking for a while, your body experiences certain symptoms. The process happens if you’ve been drinking every single day within the last few months or years, and you suddenly stop or lower your drinking. Now, […]

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alcohol abuse

Alcohol Abuse vs Alcoholism – The Key Differences

Many people don’t know there is a difference between alcoholism and alcohol abuse. And one may question, does it matter?
When a loved one has a ‘drinking problem’ we try to convince them to seek help. It is crucial to ask […]

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Drug and Alcohol Medical Detox – The Right and Wrong Way

‌Medical detox is the first step towards sobriety. And it can be a dangerous, life-threatening procedure, especially if the addict is medically unsupervised. Unfortunately, many people decide to take things into their hands and take on the burden of the […]

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