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Stages of Addiction Recovery – Early Treatment, Active Recovery and Maintenance

This is part II of our series on Stages of Addiction Recovery.
Changes in thoughts and behavior are the most important aspect of the first three stages of addiction recovery. They are the starting point that leads to the fourth stage, […]

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Stages of Addiction Recovery – Acknowledgement, Contemplation, and Preparation

This is part I of our series on Stages of Addiction Recovery. 
Addiction recovery lasts a lifetime. There are countless guides, books, and counseling groups which offer information about inpatient or outpatient treatment of the recovering addict. These materials and programs analyze […]

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Should you Worry about Cross Addiction?

Are people who are overcoming one addiction more likely to develop another?
During the recovery process, you probably got a warning about the danger of cross addiction. The term is used to describe the risk of developing another addiction for people […]

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7 Symptoms of Final Stage Alcoholism you Need to Know

There are three stages of alcoholism: early, chronic, and final stage. A person that has reached the final stage is consumed by drinking. Quitting alcohol at that point is incredibly difficult and the person has probably been in and out […]

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Why a Family Counselor is Crucial for the Recovery Process

Addiction is well-known as a disease of relationships. When one member of the family suffers, the rest of the family also feels their suffering. Although the addicted individual is the one who needs to give their best to fight the […]

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5 Deadly Drug Cocktails That Can Kill You

The use of illegal drugs is associated with the widespread death of thousands of individuals in the United States. However, apart from illegal drugs, alcohol and prescription drugs also kill over 100,000 people each year. Although every medication, including painkillers, […]

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5 Ways to Deal with Unsupportive Family Members

Having a family that supports you during your tough moments is crucial in recovery. These people give you emotional support, try to make you happier, help you get through a bad day, and fight the addiction together with you.
Unfortunately, […]

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The Role of a Sponsor in Recovery

In AA and NA, one of the most valuable traditions is sponsorship. This notion of addicts helping addicts is what makes the aid fellowship so effective. It’s recommended that every member in AA/NA get a sponsor that will walk them […]

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Insurance Coverage for Rehab

Becoming aware of an addiction and enrolling into a treatment program can be a difficult first step towards obtaining long-term recovery. Many individuals feel scared making this step due to a fear of the unknown. That is why, the more […]

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5 Ways to Deal with an End-Stage Alcoholic in Your Family

Even though final stage alcoholism is deadly, there is still hope for those willing to quit drinking. The consequences of alcoholism fall not only on the alcoholic but on the entire family. One needs patience, self-love, kindness, dedication, and a […]

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